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1000 Callouts

Hampshire Search and Rescue (HANTSAR) responded to a call from Hampshire Constabulary to look for a missing person on the evening of March 25th. This was the 1000th callout for our all-volunteer charity, to search for vulnerable and at-risk missing people on behalf of the police, since our formation in 2003.

As we have stated previously, Callouts are not a reason to glorify what we do. Far from it – but the 1000th is certainly a milestone and a time for reflection. We think of those we have tried to help over the years and their families. We are reminded of the unwavering commitment of our trained volunteers, past and present, and the support given by their families.

However, this year we do celebrate our 20th anniversary and we cannot help but remind ourselves how far we have come since 2003. Again, a time for reflection but also a time to plan and build upon our achievements to continue to support our Community.