Chairman – Tony Privett

Tony oversees the running of HANTSAR. Tony has been involved with HANTSAR since 2006 and is a qualified Search Manager.

Secretary – Nicki Murray

Nicki has been a qualified Search Technician since December 2012 and joined the Training Team as Training Team Secretary in 2015.  She retired as a legal executive in 2016 and is a keen walker.  She is also eager to demonstrate that age is a number and that there is a role for people of all ages and from all walks of life within HANTSAR to help vulnerable people at a difficult time in their lives.

Treasurer – Jenny Coffin

Jenny oversees the income and expenditure of the charity. Jenny joined as a support member in 2015.



Training Officer – Terry Huppler

Terry joined HANTSAR some five years ago after a career as a senior manager in the industrial sector of the fire industry.  He is a qualified Search Technician, Team Leader and Search Manager.  He is responsible for all aspects of training and is ably supported by the HANTSAR Training Team.


Development Officer – Phil Harvey

Phil is also Vice Chairman of HANTSAR. He recently semi-retired after a career in industry as a project manager and is a founder member of the Pork Pie Appreciation Society. His role is to provide strategy, direction, support and guidance across a wide spectrum of HANTSAR’s activities. Phil joined HANTSAR in 2012 and is a qualified Search Technician, Team Leader and Search Planner.

Public Profile Officer – Trevor Vidler

Trevor provides the liaison lead in raising the public profile of HANTSAR across different mediums, companies and agencies. Trevor joined HANTSAR in 2015, following careers in the Armed Forces and the NHS, and is a qualified Search Technician.

Member Resource Officer – Alison Chestnutt

Alison has been the team’s Member Resource Officer since 2014, responsible for all aspects of membership recruitment and administration.  She is also a Search Manager, Team Leader, Search Technician and a member of the Training Team and the Water Team.  Alison joined HANTSAR in 2006 after a varied career which included 15 years in the Royal Navy, teaching at an agricultural college and working as a veterinary nurse.

Support Officer – Derek Lott

Derek joined HANTSAR in 2014 and qualified as a Search Technician. He became a member of the Management Committee in 2016. Derek has a business background, having been managing director and Chairman of a number of multi-million-pound public transport companies before retiring in 2015 and concentrating on voluntary work.